“I’m going through a lot of emotions these days, but all in all… I’m sure there’s something great waiting for me.”

Antje, 31 yrs, Germany 

“Whenever I introduced myself to people as a ‘Global Vice President’, everyone was very much surprised. I’ve got muscle and piercings and am heavily inked. I’m wearing boots and leggings to the office and they might have a skull or leopard print.”


“But I know exactly what I’m doing and why I’m doing things.”

I’m honest, pragmatic and what I like most is to stop the talking and start getting sh** done!

“And this is what made me earn people’s respect and trust, and a reputation.”


To be honest, there was also an unpleasant experience that made me take on excessive training.

I had two miscarriages when I was 27 and 28 years old which actually made me hate my body. I could not understand why it would destroy those babies.

“At least that’s what it felt like at this moment and I wanted to kind of make sure I was able to control my body. I guess as a form of self-punishment. So I started working out excessively just for the sake of feeling my body and how I was in control.”


“Thinking back, I am still very sad about some things that happened in my life and every day it hurts a little bit and sometimes a bit more. But I accepted that this is my way and it made me a wiser person.”

Everything is happening for a reason and I had to give up on trying to control everything.


“During childhood, there was lots of tension in my family. All I wanted was to be a good daughter and not cause any further trouble. This behaviour caused me a lot of troubles when I was older. I had always suppressed emotions and moods, never stood up for myself and just made sure everyone around me was happy but I was not caring about myself.”


My biggest achievement is learning that the only thing I can control is myself. The rest is all about accepting and respecting.

“I am still loving life and there is so much to come.”


“I think the biggest risk I took so far has just happened and is still happening. I just decided to give up my job, which means leaving a very successful company, a team of amazing people and a very high, and obviously well paid position. I have now decided to also give up my flat, which I love dearly and which has been my secure “shelter” over the past three years. I am now selling most of my belongings to free myself and make space for adventures and opportunities.” All of this has just happened within the last 3 months…


“I still need to find out what actually makes me happy, where I would like to live and what it is that I’d like to build up. And not sure if this can actually be called a goal, but more often I can feel that I would like to have someone in my life and by my side.”

Today, being 31 years old, I love myself and my body and I am truly proud that I turned out to be the person I am today.

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