It’s impossible to fail – as long as I keep on creating stories – writing and designing. And I can do that every day, for free, no budget needed.

I created my first magazine when I was 12 – in Microsoft Word. It was a huge hit among the older ladies in my street and I earned my first 50 cents (10 issues sold, 1 given away for free). Eighteen years later I am actually doing the exact same thing with a little difference: 18 years of life  happened in between. And I am still here following a dream that is so important to me. 

When you are a confident woman, who is ambitiously committed to following her dream, a lot of people will try to discredit your work, point fingers, criticize, judge… But you have to keep going, you have to focus on your work only and let your results be the response. 

Logo credit: Isabel Castillo López
Name idea credit: Graeme Good Talk Copywriting 

The magazine is free on Issuu and I hope you enjoy it: FONDA

Or you can also download it:

Download FONDA magazine Issue 1


Link to the magazine: FONDA on Issuu (click here) 


Thank you all the ladies and guys who shared and helped out with stories, on this page and in the magazine.