The interview was written and contributed by Reta Ivziku


Ori Eisen is the founder of Ball to All, an American non-profit organisation that gives free soccer balls to kids who never had one. Ori works with Kanda, an Indian factory that manufactures the balls. Ball to All has over 60 ambassadors from all over the world. Rudi Piraniqi and I were the last, and first ones, from the Balkans.



1. Why Ball to All?

The full story is listed on our about page: Many of the questions can be answered by this page.

2. When did it started?

May 2013.

3. Why soccer balls?

It is universal and soccer (football) is the most popular sport in the world. No need for electricity or anything else in order to just play.



4. Did you ever thought of giving up?

No. This is such an important cause that nothing can stop it. We grew to 48 countries in 3 and half years, this is a testament to how powerful this idea is.

5. What do you feel after a successful delivery?

The joy of giving a soccer ball to a kid who never had one is unique. Not only the kids gets something they get to keep, it is also in many cases the first gift they ever get…

6. Have you made any other kind of donations?

Mostly soccer balls as that is our mission. A few times we donated shirts and shoes when a team was allowed to compete and could not afford it.

7. What is your biggest goal?

It is captured in our slogan;

“Every Kid Can Have A Ball. “

Our biggest goal that has not happened is to get Pele to like our cause on social media… We are still waiting for him.

8. Do you have partners?

We partner with our ambassadors mostly, and they find local help.

9. What was the first impression when you read an email from Albania/Montenegro, two small countries far from America?

We get requests from all over the world, and from many places you usually don’t hear about. When we read Reta’s request and her ambassador application, she came across as a trustworthy person who wants to do good. Same for Rudi in Montenegro who followed Reta with his application. They will bring a lot of joy to kids who can not afford a soccer ball. The poorer the kids they give soccer balls to, the better.

10. You accept ambassador requests; is it easy to give money someone without knowing them? what about the fear of frauds?

We screen every ambassador as much as we can, and in order to get our funds you must go through anti-money laundering screens with Payoneer. So far, in all of our years of operations, we have not suffered from any fraud, and we will keep our process tight as we go.

If someone will steal money from Ball To All and prevent kids from getting their soccer balls, we believe karma will take care of them in ways we cannot.

Thank you Ori. 

Photo/logo credits: Ball to All