Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occur while you are climbing it.

Kaja Lin, 26 yrs, Slovenia

“I believe every person should be active; involved in some kind of activity. Actually not just one, but as many activities as possible.”


“Through moving, dancing, or just being active in any way that we find appealing, we can connect with ourselves better, clear our mind and feel our bodies and its needs.

“For me moving is also a way to disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with myself.”


“After getting a degree at The National Ballet School of Slovenia I moved to Israel where I spend a year living and dancing in kibbutz Gaaton, close to Lebanon border and afterwards, another three years in Tel Aviv. I got my first two professional jobs there and also a very precious life experience. I was prepared to sacrifice everything, even my health just so I could stay and work in Israel. There was a moment when I did not have money to pay the rent and food. Still, I felt very connected to that place.”


“My life after leaving Israel was very dynamic. India, Prague, London, Budapest, Israel again, India again… Projects, yoga, teaching. I still wanted to dance but was also enjoying the ‘freedom’.  I have already felt I want to start building something on my own but got a job in a dance company in Italy and stayed there for a year.”


“A year in Italy was a turning point for me. I have gained a complete confidence and full awareness of my body and movement. I believe a person never stops learning and improving but can at one point gain so much trust, that applying  new knowledge becomes faster. When this happened to me, I decided I want to go to the extreme and bring my body and mind to a new level.”


“I love everything that involves moving and developing. So if I start working on handstands, I will not stop until I master it, and I know I will one day. There is no limit for me.”

“I am proud that every time I could stay in a comfort zone I decided not to.”


“While in ballet high school I have been told that my body is not suitable for a professional career. I had a very bad self-image at that time but then learned through years that everything is possible and that you can do whatever you want if there is will and if you are prepared to work hard. Now I have a successful dance career, I am healthy and I trust my body completely.”

“I have realised that what makes a woman really strong is when she keeps her independent, adventurous nature and admits to herself a need for tenderness, love and acceptance of her body and nature.”


“I cannot define if dancing is an art or sport. For me it is moving through which I can also express myself.”

“Because it takes a lot of physical stamina to dance and we use many athletic elements I could say it is sport, but based on emotions, imagination and interpretation that dancers use, it is art.”

Kaja’s workshops: ReConnect – Mobility & Hatha Yoga

ReConnect – Mobility (Vigor, Ljubljana)
WEN (sreda): 19.30-20.30:
Hatha joga (Vigor, Ljubljana)
FRI (petek): 19.30.-20.30


Facebook: Live the Movement by Kaja Lin
Instagram: Kaja Lin

“When I became fully aware of my body, I began to think about how to pass my knowledge on other people and start sharing my philosophy. ReConnect – Mobility is a ‘workout’ that I am teaching either as a single class of part of a workshop. It is physically intense and structured in a way that everyone starts to develop understanding of their own body. I use diverse movement patterns and combine exercises for strength and flexibility. Another thing that I do is teaching how to connect brain activity with the movement. So after series of exercises follows a sequence where you have to be focused on a quality of movement as well as on how the sequence is structured. You have to understand what you are doing.”


“The second class that I now teach is Hatha yoga. Almost everyone have heard about yoga at last once. I always highlight that yoga is more than just a physical exercise. It is a full body- mind practice with a spiritual background. Spirituality is not a religion which is what some people think and it doesn’t interfere with any of your personal beliefs. We practice asanas (yoga poses) and breathing and just with that you already do a lot for your well-being. It definitely is a practice that will make your body strong, flexible and healthy. And you will bring focus and calmness into your life.”



Photos by Polona Fonda | #FONDAstrong