Lotte Kraus, 35 yrs, Germany 

Q: What accomplishment, regarding life and career, are you most proud of?

“That’s difficult to answer as I do not have the feeling that I’ve reached a lot yet. But at least I’ve never sold myself or my integrity.”

Lotte holds a master degree in physiotherapy. She’s also a biomechanical researcher working in cycling science – part of team GebioMized. On top of that, Lotte is also a committee member of the enduro Design and Innovation Award and Eurobike Innovation Award Jury member.

If she’s not hanging out in the bikefitting lab, optimizing bike set ups or having fun with statistical analysis, again cycling related, she’s probably spending time in the airport waiting areas. She travels the world to give bikefitting classes and advises professional teams: “I am figuring out the reasons for limited performance and painful overuse injuries”.

Regarding work, Lotte is all about cycling science. And empowering women.


 “At the end of my life I hope that I look back and see I had a tiny influence on women in sports”

We have to make smart and sporty cool, and clearly we have to acknowledge ourselves as capable – women in sport science are under-represented:

“Last year I’ve met several CEOs from big cycling companies. Some came up with claims like “Women are the new China” or “One (good) female employee solves 90% of the problems in retail”. Funny, as none of them had 1(!) female engineer or at least one female position in their company accepts accounting and marketing.”


If you have ever tried to climb higher up the corporate ladder, as a female of course, you know it’s not just about hard work; mostly it’s about holding your head high, shoulders back and standing up for yourself and your work.

“I want to see us in high positions at Universities, in brand and product managements and highly paid management positions of the industry and associations. And far more entrepreneurial activities by women.”

Regarding performance, women have come a long way.

Same in cycling: “When analysing performance parameters I can absolutely confirm your impression: female athletes start to be on a professional level regarding physical and mental strength, and having a professional approach.”

However …

“A brief insight in payments and attention comparing male vs female athletes shows that we haven’t come far since medieval times yet.”

Through her work, Lotte sees more and more women in all age groups are practising sports. In cycling alone, the number is constantly growing.


I´d like to emphasize the need of better consultation for woman – high quality analysis and communication are key points to develop strong and confident athletes and not just weak followers of stupid marketing claims.

Q: Have you always been interested in science; how a human body works, its biomechanics … etc?

“When not making it to the paid level in sports and becoming tired from seasonal working as a ski teacher and a mountainbike guide I decided to start something serious with my life. I applied as carpenter but I got the feedback better to grow a little more first. That pissed me of so I chose physiotherapy.”

She started with running, analysis and sport medicine, until she made a step towards her true passion – cycling.

“Nowadays I can specify this field even closer: Women and Cycling.”

Q:  What do you think is the biggest mistake women make when buying a bike? 

“There’s barely no chance for women to understand if a female geometry does make sence for her or if she just pays more for less quality. The biggest difficulty is to find someone who is able to provide erudite counselling. There aren´t many women in bike retail yet. They would at least have the possibility to “think female” and share some subjective experiences of her riding groups. Additionally there’s a huge lack in research what makes it very difficult for interested retail specialists and product developer to increase their knowledge and the quality of the products.”


As I had a chance to speak with a female researcher, Lotte received one of my favourite questions: what have you learnt about a female body so far: “The human body and mindset is an incredible, impressive and powerful construction”

“It’s sad that most people do not even have an idea about their own hidden strength.”

Women often feel overwhelmed with “I should not do that because I will never be good in that, I don’t have the genetics to become fit, I was always clumsy, I´ve tried but it didn´t worked so my dad was right, I have no talent…”

“That sucks.”


As a kid she was the only girl on the pump track: “Today you can see several (freaking young) girl groups on the downhill tracks, fully developed athletes in pro scene and mid 40 ladies practising pull ups at the running course. I like that.”

Off work, Lotte is a child of nature and adventure: anything that includes movement, cycling, athletics, yoga, motocross, cross skiing, parachuting and mountaineering. She’s not all the adrenaline, she also loves her dog, playing piano and reading books.

“I honestly try to keep a good balance. For me there are no better places to deal with the sense of life, higher meanings and all this difficult human questions than either in raw nature or while enjoying cultural activities.”

You can contact and follow Lotte:

Website: Team GebioMized


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