“Of course you fail a lot.”

She can master the dynamic moves pretty fast: “The most difficult ones for me are the static moves. Sometimes it takes me over a year to finally have it.”

Melanie Driessen, 23 yrs, Netherlands

She’s one of world’s bestthe queen of the bar in 2015, 2nd place in 2016, several other wins including National Championship and a 4th place at the Worlds. A former competitive gymnasts turned street workout champion.


Street workout is a freestyle sport where you have to come up with your own routine: “In gymnastics there are some elements you need to do. You can’t really make your own moves and tricks. In street workout you can really do whatever you want as long as there are static and dynamic moves, and a combination of both.”

Q: Do you think any woman can work up to a muscle up?

“I don’t think that, I know it! Anybody can do a muscle up, but you really need to train for it.”

Melanie started with basic gymnastics when was 4 and was a competitive gymnast from the age of 7 to 18: “It’s a really great foundation for street workout. But still, I’m always nervous for a competition, probably I will never get used to that.”


After 11 years of competitive gymnastics Melanie took a two-year break, you know parties and fitness, but eventually got back to sport: “When I was doing fitness I heard about a small group of guys doing strength exercises at a very high speed, for example one minute of as many pull ups as possible. I have always loved hard workouts so I decided to join the class.”

After six months of basics, she met a group of people doing the freestyle part of the sport.

“I was hooked on it immediately and a month later I joined the very first World Championships for women.”

Melanie Driessen profile

Outside of training, Melanie works as an instructor for group fitness classes: “It really helps me to get a better endurance.” She also works at her mom’s shop and teaches gymnastics.

Team Official Barstarzz

One of Melanie’s inspirations is Samer Delgado. “I really liked his style because he appeared to be fearless. I think nowadays my style is a little similar to his. And the cool thing is that he is my teammate now!”

You got to believe. As long as we believe we can’t do something, we will never do it. First you need to believe it, than you need to work for it!


“I still see a lot of women, who just want to look good, taking half naked pictures. Of course they look very good but that’s not my thing. In my sport I see the opposite; women that do street workout don’t really care about the looks, they care more about getting a new trick. “

Q: Muscles are a girl’s best friend right?


Melanie travels the World to give workshops and demos on calisthenics and street workout.

You can always contact her over:

Email: mdbarz@hotmail.com

Instagram: @melanie_barstarzz

Or see her tutorials on YouTube: MelanieDriessen