I find women who are taking the matters into their own hands and commit themselves to the work which fulfils the whole family so beautiful.

Regardless of the nationality or the colour, there is something so graceful in those who hold their head up to go against all odds and against the comfort to attain a goal they have set for themselves.


While were we driving towards the Sundarbans – the jungle, we made a quick stop to have a glass of chai. The family had a small shop and a sewing room where the mother, dressed in purple sari, was working on a shipment ordered from Kolkata. As long as you keep your eyes open, you find inspiration everywhere you go. That day I found it in a sewing room, situated ni west Bengal, India. 

“Grace will get you places hustling can’t.”



Her son was accompanying her throughout the entire time we were there until he took a couple of cookies and lay down on the floor under the window.



After a glass of chai we drove on…

 Text and photography by Polona Fonda. All rights reserved.