Work with Polona Fonda

Digital communications expert specialised in sports and health.

 8+ years of experience in developing and managing digital media

Former editor of the biggest European online magazine on functional fitness.


Advocate for empowering women through sport and using sport for social development. Former competitive alpine skier; mostly doing weightlifting and hiking nowadays.  


  • In-depth knowledge of / insight into the European sport and health online community (its aspirations, needs and frustrations).
  • Developing digital marketing campaigns to strengthen the brand’s desirability, online and social media presence, community engagement and drive ROI.
  • Developing, monitoring and reporting the brand’s online performance and the impact of social media on website traffic and customer engagement.
  • Building strong brand – customer relationships by moderating the channels sensibly and putting quality over quantity.
  • Background in graphic design. Interest in photojournalism.