Interview with Silvija, president of TAKT (an NGO which promotes women’s empowerment through sport)

“Girls with dreams, become women with vision.”


What is TAKT (Together Advancing Common Trust)?

We are an NGO that promotes women’s empowerment through sport and advocates for gender equity in sports. We founded TAKT three years ago and are located in Skopje, Macedonia. We are dynamic, passionate and devoted to see positive social change in the communities through sports and reach out to many girls and women to fulfil their potential through sports.

Silvija Mitevska, president of TAKT: I am paragliding pilot and passionate advocate for women’s empowerment through sports. I have vast sport experience, since I was competing on many international paragliding competitions.  I am an emerging leader for the Global Sports Mentoring Program, and currently I am enrolled at Leadership Program for Women supported by Vital Voices, USA. Throughout these experiences I’ve met and worked with extraordinary and courageous female leaders who I look up to.

Silvija Mitevska, president of TAKT

Why do you think playing/doing sports is important?

I believe that sport has a huge potential to empower women and girls and it offers many opportunities in life. Sport improves girls’ and women’s self-esteem and contributes to the development of the leadership skills. Research shows that 82 % of women in managerial jobs used to play sports while growing up.  Another research shows that there is a positive correlation between participation in sports and academic achievement.

Sport teaches you resilience, endurance and time management. It teaches you that energy and enthusiasm equals success and that hard work pays. It is a great life lesson.

Current situation:

In general terms, female athletes face discrimination and inequalities in all sports. Often, there is a lack of support on local and national level. So far, there are no current strategies or action plans for advancing gender equality in sports and addressing this is part of our mission.

TAKT’s current activities:

We are engaged on different activities that address the current gaps. We are providing more visibility to prominent female athletes and offer their experiences to youth, encouraging young girls to follow those role-models and play sports.

We run workshops that target adolescents to advocate for the messages of equality and non-discrimination. These workshops also engage boys and girls to challenge negative gender stereotypes.

We strongly advocate on policy level, to introduce gender sensitive policies in sports institutions and promote more women on leadership positions.

We cover all our activities through our official website and social media, offering also a space to communicate and discuss these issues. We are building a network of people who share their ideas and speak freely about topics that were often neglected of still considered a taboo.

Final thoughts:

Sport is very important for girls because it teaches them how to set and achieve a goal.

As one of my good friends would say, girls with dreams become women with vision. Gender equality in sports is a great tool for sustainable future for people and our planet 50-50 by 2030 latest.

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