“My life changers were two things: having to get pants in a size that was beyond what I ever expected and a good friend of mine sending me a pic of myself, full body, that knocked me off my socks.”

“So I set myself a date (actually the day after a girls’ night out where I wanted to spoil myself one last time). Also, I set myself on a strict diet and started to bike 10 km each morning. It took about 1.5 years to lose 20 kg…

~ Ulrike, 33 yrs, Germany

“When I was a child, I was quite active – growing up in the boonies we were always out and about. Growing older, puberty rang at my door and the lazy times, just hanging around started.”

Before | After

“I didn’t noticed how I’d gotten bigger and bigger with the time. I am hourglass shaped, so it never looked as “bad” to me as it actually was. Also my face has always been slimmer in proportion to the rest of me, so taking pics of my face only didn’t make me realise the rest.”

“If I am not proud of myself, how can others be? If I can’t love myself – how can I expect others to do so? If I don’t take care of myself, how can I have the energy to also take of others? I put my well-being above almost anything else and this led me to love myself for the first time in my life.”

“A friend of mine was asking me about the “secret” behind my pics lately, saying I look happy, glowing and healthy. I told her what it was, living a healthy lifestyle including proper eating and working out and putting me first in most cases. She wrote back “I also wondered if “love” had something to do with it, it sounds to me like it’s more SELF-love (and care) more than anything, and that is the best of love if you ask me.”

“When I was 16, while being in the USA as an exchange student, one of my best friends I ever had died in a car accident. Not being there grieving and not being able to say goodbye broke me in a way that is still with me today.”

“Every decision that was somewhat life changing, after high school, was done by me. I hardly take advice from anybody because I am the one who needs to live with the aftermath, therefore I don’t want anybody to be blamed but myself. I don’t regret any decisions I have made or any step that I took – because if anything I learned and grew from it.” 

Question: Changing the 11%… getting girls active? 

“Girls at that age are usually insecure with themselves, so it’s tough to start with something that others are good at. It should be a bigger part of school life  – like it is in the US. It’s pretty normal there to stay after school for some sports activity. And also on the other hand they are getting so much credit for it, which is lacking in so many other countries.” 

“We should applaud every active child/teenager and show them how awesome it is that they are doing this and that they can be a role model to others. Supporting each other is the key.”